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Generating consumer awareness, demand and trial are fundamental to the viability of any business model, and the growth of any brand. In the old days – which was not so long ago at all – marketers achieved these objectives by choosing between mass or direct response advertising, or in some cases, integrating a combination of the two. With the analytics now available, lead generation using on-line tools is another option worthy of consideration. At Glue, we’re seeing a lot of early success with this approach because, in our opinion, it offers real advantages over what might be called “the tried and true.”

  1. Cost effectiveness: Instead of spending tens of millions of dollars to find and educate consumers about your product or service via TV and print, you can accomplish the same objectives via online lead generation for $5-10K a month. Besides being far more cost-effective than mass advertising, it’s also easier to measure ROI, since changes in behavior can be directly linked to the stimuli that produced them.
  2. Readiness to buy: Perhaps the most salient reason to consider online lead generation is that it delivers highly qualified leads more consistently than any other channel. Through sophisticated “listening techniques”, marketers can identify consumers who express an immediate need for their products or services. And online segmentation analytics can be used to reveal consumers predisposed to using a brand through behavior, specifically their use of “like products,”; brands that appeal to audiences with the same attitudinal or behavioral characteristics.
  3. Competitive advantage: Finally, when consumers publicly express dissatisfaction with a competitive product, marketers can present their product as a solution that resolves those complaints, customized according to how the specific need raised.

As awareness of these types of interventions grows, along with their highly attractive cost-benefit ratios, you have to wonder what marketer can afford to sit on the sidelines when it comes to making online lead generation part of the marketing mix.

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